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Standard Construction Signs

Cal Safety has a wide variety of stock construction signage to help you complete your job.  Whether you are outfitting a parking lot or an interstate highway, we likely have what you need right on the shelf.  Most signs come in a variety of reflectivity to match your budget and specs.

Custom Made Construction Signs

Cal Safety has long been the local resource for contractors needing site specific signage.  Whether they want to warn employees of a safety issue on site, or travelers of a hazard on the highway—our Custom Sign Shop designs and builds signs that show our customer’s attention to safety.  We have a huge library of CA and Federal sign-designs and a variety of materials from which to build.  Our staff will take the time to make sure that your sign is exactly what you need; from a simple door sign or a complex traffic detour, we can get it done.   

Temporary Paper Construction Sign

Not all signs are meant to last forever, because many contractors don’t want the hassle of maintaining a huge library of signs they only need short term or only once in a while.  Make sure to stop by or give us a call whenever you have need of a Temporary Paper Construction sign.  They are made of heavy card-stock and wax coated to withstand overnight postings and light rain.  Most all are reflectorized with glass bead to reflect headlights.  

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